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Personality characteristics on the 7 rays + a PDF

Welcome to The Golden Academy

The Golden Academy is a modern mystery school, which offers 7 web-based spiritual educations. The educations stimulate spiritual capacities of love, intelligence and will, and they aim at enriching our lives in the direction of soul-alignment and world service.

The Golden Academy was started by Asger Lorentsen and the Golden Circle in Denmark 2009. The Golden Circle is mostly known for its intensification of global love and light and for several educations which emphasize the path of the heart, spiritual transformation and world service.

The Golden Academy has (2011) around 100 students in Scandinavia, who follow educations via the internet in English or in local groups in the national language. A little group of teachers provide the written materials, the video-recordings, and the many meditations and exercises. A network of group facilitators gives support from their hearts to individual students to support the growth of new life.

The main purpose of the Golden Academy is to provide spiritual knowledge, transformation and training based on the ageless wisdom with an emphasis on world service and on adaptation to the 21st century.

See an introductionary video here

The goals of the Golden Academy

  1. to provide spiritual educations which stimulate soul-alignment, soul-purpose and cooperation with the spiritual kingdom

  2. to awaken deeper capacities of the compassionate heart, the enlightened mind and the fiery will

  3. to adapt the ageless wisdom to world-impulses of the 21st century

  4. to create a way of spiritual education and training, which easily can be used by any interested person in any country

  5. to create educations which can be used by spiritual teachers and facilitators in local groups

The Golden Academy supports a gradual integration of personality and soul

By building the teachings in 7 steps and by securing a balance of heart, mind and practical integration in each step, the Mystery School has the capacity to support the evolutionary processes on the level of the first initiation (the birth of Christ in the heart) and the second initiation, which is the permeation by sacred light.
See Purposes of The Golden Academy and The 3 lines of education and Contents of the 7 levels

The Golden Academy can be followed via web-TV in English language

The Golden Academy is based on video-recordings of teachings, which follow a line of up to 7 steps, each of which consists of 4 weekends. Each weekend can be followed in a “web-classroom”, so that students can follow the teachings at their own pace. To the video-teaching is added 4 hours of meditations and exercises, which are in the medium of a CD in MP3-format. And there are added 30 pages of written materials which summarizes the 11 topics of each weekend. The written materials are in English and Finnish. Students are encouraged to join with friends and follow the web-class as a group.
Each weekend costs 100 Euros for students of low income, and 140 Euros for employed people.

The Golden Academy can be followed in groups in Finnish and norwegian language

In several cities in Finland there are group-facilitators and teachers who teach the topics of the Golden Academy level 1 and 2. See in which cities there currently are group-teachings.


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