Contact and support

You can get all the support which you need regarding signing up and participation in our educations.

Student fees

The usual fee for Western students per weekend is:
100 Euros (low income)
140 Euros (normal income)
Please see each education for possibilities of lower fees.

Web-class or local group

You can either follow the education at home as described in the blue box, or facilitate a local group as described in the golden box. Or you can join a local group, if there is any in your area.
In some countries and cities there are local groups, who are facilitated by a person who either shows the video recordings on DVDs and supports the group members by some translations to own language, or who is qualified to teach some or all of the topics in own language.
If you follow such a local group, you have the right to receive for free the original English version of the summaries and to get for free the code for the web-class and also see the original videos.

Function of a web-class

An education consists of 44 topics each of 1:15 hours incl. meditation or exercise. The topics are arranged as 4 weekends of 11 topics. In the web-class you can choose for yourself e.g. to follow the teachings of a weekend over a long weekend,  3 Saturdays or 6 evenings. Find your educations and join a web-class as follows:

  1. Choose the education of your interest from the front page.
  2. Open it and click at the 44 topics and the requirements. Be aware of dispensations.
  3. Click at fees. Be aware of the dispensations at level 1, and of lower fees for non-western countries.
  4. Click at enrollment. Fill in and mail.
  5. You then will receive an account for transference of the fee for weekend 1.
  6. When we have received the fee, you get access to the web-classroom of the weekend, and by post you receive a CD in MP3-format with 4 hours of meditations and exercises.
  7. Entering the web-class you print the 30-40 pages of summaries, study the videos in your own pace, and follow the meditations and exercises 1-3 months. You may also answer questions to the topics.
  8. When ready you pay for the next weekend and repeat  6 + 7.
  9. After 4 weekends you may fill in a formula and you can start the next education.

Be a local group facilitator or teacher

If you are used to support people on the spiritual path, to teach spiritual subjects or to guide meditations, you are welcome as a local facilitator for the Golden Academy.

You can show the video recordings on DVDs and support the group members by some translations to own language. Your income will increase If you qualify to teach the topics in own language.

You keep 10-90% of the fees dependant of qualifications. Click for info on group facilitating


The Golden Academy gives diplomas as

Spiritual teacher: Requires a 2 days course in ways of teaching spirituality + written answers to 200 questions from 5 levels + a written thesis or 100 more answers from the remaining 2 levels.

Spiritual therapist: Requires level 1 + 2 and the therapist education by Asger Lorentsen of 4 + 5 + 4 days. Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask if it will be available in your country.


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