Welcome to the education on spiritual psychology and the Sun Program

Purpose of level 2

This education on spiritual psychology and activation of the heart centre as a life-giving sun is created for people, who recognize most of the following:

  • I wish to understand and cooperate with the deeper purpose of my sufferings on Earth
  • I wish to the blockages of my divine connectedness to be transformed
  • I would like to live as an extension of the divine heart-flow – partaking in the alleviation and healing of sufferings of humanity
  • I wish to be a conscious and professional world-server, who can cooperate with the sources of love
  • I wish to penetrate deeper into the mysteries of divine love


Weekend 1: The mysteries of heart
Weekend 2: The accepting heart
Weekend 3: the sacredness of life
Weekend 4: Life in divine alignment

21 meditations on The Solar Program

The study of the 44 subjects is estimated for 50 hours of video in the web-class and daily meditations in 6-12 months, which are guided on CDs. See the overview here.


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