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Estimated from October 2012

Welcome to the Esoteric Education on spiritual knowledge and living wisdom

Purpose of Level 3

This education on esoteric perspectives and building the mental bridge is created for people, who recognize most of the following:

  • The famous painting of Plato and Aristotle discussing in the Academy of Plato in AthensI wish to understand and cooperate with the perspectives of the spiritual kingdom
  • I wish to penetrate deeper into the mysteries and creative force of the mind as an instrument for the soul
  • I wish to balance head and heart, so that I not only feel God, but also seek to understand God and the plan for the evolution of myself and humanity
  • I wish to be a conscious world-server, who can cooperate with the Golden Ashram


Weekend 1: Individuality in development
Weekend 2: The Great Plan for Earth
Weekend 3: The path of initiation
Weekend 4: Divine cooperation in praxis

21 meditations on active mind and soul alignment

See the overview here.


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