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Welcome to the education on white magic and divine alchemy

Purpose of Level 6

Midieval alchemist making gold

The white magicians and alchemists have always been occupied with conscious co-operation and integration of spirit and matter.
In the Age of Aquarius their skills and techniques will be applied by most initiates as part of conscious co-creation and according to the laws of magic.

This education on divine alchemy and white magic is created for people of a certain advancement in healing qualities and spiritual development, who recognize most of the following:

  • I wish to understand and train possibilities of white magic as tools for helping other people in advanced healings
  • I wish to penetrate deeper into the mysteries of the divine alchemy as transformational expressions of divine love
  • I wish to train white magic as a step by step procedure of working with projects from ideas to manifestation
  • I wish to work step by step with integrating soul and personality


Weekend 1: Basics on alchemy and magic
Weekend 2: White magic step by step
Weekend 3: Magical healing
Weekend 4: Divine manifestation

White magic in 7 meditations, 7 healings and 7 exercises

See the overview here.


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