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Estimated from September 2014

Welcome to the education on Oneness in co-creation

Purpose of Level 7

This education on oneness in co-creation is created for people of a certain advancement in divine cooperation – of a visible or invisible nature – who recognize most of the following:

  • I wish to be involved in the deepest way possible in creating the living bridge between humanity and the spiritual kingdom.
  • I recognize the main qualities of the 2nd initiation such as inner light, a living heart and a fire of idealism
  • I wish to train the qualities and balances of the 3rd initiation during world service
  • I want balance oneness and duality in a practical life


Weekend 1:  The sacred light of initiation
Weekend 2:  Creative idealism and wisdom
Weekend 3:  The sacred fire as life itself
Weekend 4:  The paths to universal life

21 meditations on Advanced Solar Program

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