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Purposes and ideals of The Golden Academy

The Golden Academy is  a modern mystery school, which offers spiritual education for world-servers. 7 of these educations are offered as webclasses and – possibly – in local groups. See ideals below. Press for practical info to the right, and see the possibility of gathering a local group.

Ideals of The Golden Academy

To create a spiritual education of the 21st century which

  • relates soul-infusion with world-service
  • builds on ageless wisdom and incorporates new world impulses
  • stimulates both heart, intelligence and will
  • balances spiritual knowledge and living wisdom
  • emphasizes both knowledge and own experience
  • encourages both study, meditation and practical application
  • balances Eastern wisdom on oneness with Western individualization

Purposes of the 7 educations

The Golden Academy is created in order

  • to intensify the growth of spiritually minded people so that cooperation with the spiritual kingdom is a natural way of supporting planetary transformation
  • to support spiritually minded people in living according to the soul-purpose of making a difference in the world
  • to support the updating the ageless wisdom and esotericism in alignment with new world impulses and practical mysticism – with the emphasis of spiritual nourishment from the source of love and life

History and background

The Golden Academy is summarizing in teachings of a simple English language the educations which have been offered by The Golden Circle in Danish language since 1994. The videos, meditations and exercises in English are recorded 2009-14 in Finland, Denmark, and Crete. Most of the teachers are from Denmark and Finland with Asger Lorentsen as the main teacher and writer of summaries and meditations. His background is a M.A. of religion and history, PHDE in esoteric philosophy, yoga teacher, reincarnation therapist/ researcher and author of 25 books on a variety of spiritual subjects.


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