The 3 lines in The Golden Academy

The following is an overview of the contents and trainings of The Golden Academy, which emphasise a balance of mind, heart and will. The 3 lines are to support the building of a bridge of active intelligence, magnetic love and dynamic will between humanity and the spiritual kingdom of love-wisdom.

Education level 1 corresponds to no 1 of all three lines. Level 2 corresponds to no 2 in the line of love. Level 3 corresponds to no 2 and 3 on the line of intelligence. Level 4 corresponds to no 2 and 3 in the line of love. Level 5 corresponds to no 2 and 3 in the line of will. Level 6 + 7 correspond to no 4 and 5 in all 3 lines.

A stimulation of the 3 main qualities of consciousness by soul-alignment and service will stimulate the initiation process. Initiation 1 usually is passed at stage 1 out of 5 below, initiation 2 at stage 3 and initiation 3 at stage 5.

Innovative and active intelligence

Supplement with esoteric studies

  1. Refine thought forms of the mental body enabling them to respond to the understanding of the Universe at the level of the higher mental plane: Knowledge and imagination.
  2. Building the antahkarana in the mental body, stimulation of the triangle in the head, training of sensitivity to higher mental ideas and ideals. Visualisation and affirmation. Training equanimity.
  3. Training individual entrance to and capacity in in-novative thinking and creative idealism. White magic as conscious creation, precipitation and vitalization of thought forms. Joy of creating in practical projects.
  4. Ashramic co-thinking and wisdom as renewal within group-projects. Training the balance between participation in new ideas, passive inspiration and magic based on own ideas.
  5. Evocation via the mental body, group-ceremonies and vitalization of wisdom as part of ashramic externalization. Conscious precipitation of the future civilization as a co-thinker and a co-creator.

Life and compassionate love

Meditation and crises of life are added

  1. Practise the sensitivity of the heart to the beauty, life and love of the inner kingdoms. Practise recognition of the sacred life in the outer worlds. Training in containing life from the ability to be well-balanced in the heart.
  2. Be an extension of the beauty, sensitivity and healing love of the spiritual kingdom. Activation of the sacred light of the heart as inflowing life. Increasing the heart-flow of the planetary heart into the kingdoms of form.
  3. Activation of the sacred fire of the heart as sharing love, which is compassion as well as ecstasy. Stimulation of the solar fire in the heart of humanity.
  4. Surrendering to the death and resurrection of the Christ mystery as a means of awakening the deeper petals in the heart of humanity. Conscious stimulation of oneness of humanity. Increase identification with all life.

Will and dynamism

Supplement with practical world-service

  1. Adjusting the goals of the personality to idealism. Purification of selfishness, personal will and ambition by increased sensitivity to the purpose of the soul.
  2. Connection to the dynamic flow which seeks to ’set the world on fire’. Applying the will to dis-solve reaction-patterns of the personality. Redis-covering the dynamic of idealism and the joy of the pioneer spirit.
  3. Practising openness toward the energy of synthesis of Shamballa and The One Life. Experiencing matter-nature as an expression of The One Life and seeing through the personality’s distortions of the all-life.
  4. Practising the spirit of self-sacrifice in openness to the fire of sacrifice and as part of the merging of spirit and matter. Let the personality be transparent to universal life.
  5. Connecting ’the spirit of self-sacrifice’, ’the solar-fire’ and the fire of resurrection as part of the sanctification of Earth. Conscious activation of the One Life in the human kingdom. Participation in the living spirit of the universe.


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